Why artists love CherryMusik?

The CherryMusik Advantage

Why artists love CherryMusik?

  • We’re artists, just like you.
  • CherryMusik is Free.
  • You retain all rights to your music. Period.
  • You have your own pages.
  • You can share all your CherryMusik links unlimitedly.
  • Earnings show up instantly.
  • To start earning money from your music you only need to be activated as a “Record Label” and then upload your mp3 files.
  • Each time someone downloads an mp3, you immediately receive 34 cents.

BUT, you can also make money more than once “from each” download.

What? How?

Let us show you!

The “System S4”

CherryMusik has created an innovative system that allows artists to earn hundreds and hundreds of extra dollars from a “single” download. The profit potential here is incredible.

The System S4 lets you earn 4 cents per download added in a 7×7 network.

Level 1 = .04 x 7 downloads = $0.28
Level 2 = .04 x 49 downloads = $1.96
Level 3 = .04 x 343 downloads = $13.72
Level 4 = .04 x 2,401 downloads = $96.04
Level 5 = .04 x 16,807 downloads = $672.28
Level 6 = .04 x 117,649 downloads = $4,705.96
Level 7 = .04 x 823,543 downloads = $32,941.72


According to this example, in a network of 7×7, the profit potential from each download is $38,941.72

* To participate in those extra earnings, you also need to be activated as a “Networker”, but it’s optional. Remember that you will always earn 34 cents from each download of your songs.

Sign up now to start selling your music worldwide.


Make Money Downloading Songs 🙂


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